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Special dessert of only summer

Saffron Pudding

Friday Saturday sale on Sunday only "saffron pudding"
Customers who have every summer to enjoy this dessert There are many.

Saffron is a plant of the iris family.
It is well used to, such as Indian and Spanish cuisine.

It makes use of the pistil only as saffron of the total stock.
For this reason is an expensive spice.
Stress reduction and dizziness, have been
to be effective in poor circulation.
This pudding,
It was conceived in Hamamatsu Patisserie "La Verite".
On top of the bright yellow saffron pudding, orange jelly has been coated.
Topping is fresh orange and grapefruit.
It is the taste good with its light flavor.

Please just enjoy the moments of the language of flowers "bliss" of saffron.

Price 650 YEN

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